Nuclear Weapons Industrial Complex

Obama Promised a “World Without Nuclear Weapons,” But May Now Spend $1 Trillion on Upgrades

This powerful piece from Democracy Now! on October 24, 2014 includes Amy Goodman asking her Austrian guest about actions like the Transform Now Plowshares action and included a clip of PLC member Sr. Megan Rice talking about her motivation for participating in that dramatic action for which she is serving a 35 month prison sentence. The interview also explores the points made in the NY Times article below.

This recent article in the New York Times (September 2, 2014) shows why nuclear abolitionists like the Pacific Life Community continue to agitate and educate about the reality that the United States is drawing the world into a renewed nuclear arms race. President Obama, in his carefully worded speech in Prague in April 2009, effectively made people think he was working to rid the world of nuclear weapons, but throughout his presidency, the push has been to increase the size of the nuclear weapons complex, enhance the capabilities of existing nuclear weapons and delivery systems, and shift military assets in ways that increase other countries’ vulnerability to US first strikes.

1 Response to Nuclear Weapons Industrial Complex

  1. Dear Pacific Life Community,
    Thank you deeply for your efforts and information on this subject, which far too many citizens of us nuclear states know too little about. Much gratitude to you, your courage, your bravery, your humanity.

    Good Thinking, Those Who’ve Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons is a recent documentary meant to support, encourage, and add to our resources in the push against these weapons. There are thousands more stories to keep on telling.
    Please feel free to share Good Thinking, free, online.
    Let’s make these weapons illegal together.

    Anthony Donovan

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