Welcome to the Pacific Life Community, network of spiritually motivated advocates for nuclear abolition and human rights in general. We are committed to ending nuclear weapons and war-making through nonviolent direct action along the Pacific Rim in collaboration with the global peace movement.

In addition to our annual gatherings of reflection and joint resistance, each community actively demonstrates, organizes, networks and prays locally. The nuclear weapon complex has key research, production and military installations which are an ongoing focus for our network groups. We also “connect the dots” which is to say that the Pacific Life Community is involved in struggles for justice as a necessary prerequisite for peace, meaning “the presence of justice, not the absence of tension” as Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently explained.

Nuclear weapons are immoral and illegal. We believe that these weapons threaten all life on the planet even if they are not used because their production, deployment, and testing contaminate everything in our world and steals monies from life giving priorities like clear air, housing, education, transportation.