Global Peacemaking Efforts

Save Jeju Now!

The Pacific Life Community has been supportive of and inspired by the rock solid, long standing, nonviolent effort by the people of Gangjeong Village on South Korea’s Jeju Island. Their efforts against the destruction of their sacred and awesome coral reef to be turned into a naval base, in no small part for United States Aegis Destroyers aimed at nearby China, is nothing less than monumental.

And Jeju Island was already dubbed the Island of Peace, in memory of the 30,000 islanders purged in an anti-communist slaughter in the 1950’s.

Dennis Apel has been there. MacGregor Eddy. Sherri Maurin, Brother Gilberto and Fr. Bix, who was just there again, are all PLC’ers who’ve made it there. The keynote presenter at the 2014 PLC annual retreat was Bruce Gagnon of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. He has also been there.

For updates on Jeju as well as background on the island, its natural beauty, the daily blockades of the gates, to learn the daily end-of-day dance the tired activists share, visit Save Jeju Now!

For messages from Fr. Bix from his November trip, check out the blog postings on this very site!

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