The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos

In 2016 a group of activists came together in the Proactive Nonviolence Cooperative. Out of the many discussions that ensued, the group created a statement of intention – the Nonviolent Warrior Ethos.

What is the Nonviolent Warrior Ethos? It’s not a sworn oath to live by. Nor is it a creed with a pre-planned response for every encounter. It is a lifestyle we aspire to. It motivates us to live for the good of everyone.

The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos prepares us for the impending dark days of evil. It stirs the audacity to speak truth to the unspeakable power that evil projects. It is the basis of all religious and moral beliefs but transcends them all in its ability to mobilize warriors for world justice.

The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos is a role model for children and youth. It sparks creative thinking on helping, and supporting all people. It offers a life-goal far outshining the pseudo glory propagated by gang and military recruiters. Young “warriors in training” (Pema Chödrön’s term) develop survival skills to live in an uncertain world with seemingly nothing to hold on to.

The Nonviolent Warrior Ethos is more than an ideology to hope for, or a myth to dream about. It is an urge to actively build something better. It triggers global fellowship among those who resolve local issues while all the time knowing they are contributing to the world-goal we all envision. Standing Rock showed that people everywhere will bond to support just causes. Earth is ready to become a decent planet to live on.

Does this sound like a fairy tale? The power of nonviolence is unimaginable. Let us carry on.

Peace & Love, Bob Aldridge

Nonviolent Warrior Ethos

1. I am a nonviolent warrior.

2. I seek Truth, Beauty, and Goodness; which establishes harmony in what I think, feel, and do.

3. I see all people related through a higher spiritual/moral power, or universal connectedness.

4. I pursue empathetic caring, commitment, courage, and perseverance in a complex and multi-dimensional world – uncovering powerful principles; understanding diverse wisdom; and caring for those trapped by fear, judgement, and aggression.

5. I honor, stand with, and defend those who are harmed, threatened, repressed, or exploited; especially the children and youth who are the future of humanity.

6. I will persevere in the nonviolent struggle for peace, justice, human dignity and a non-killing world.

(Proactive Nonviolence Cooperative Version – In the Public Domain)

This statement was finalized by consensus, March 2017

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