Thirteen nuclear resisters arrested at Bangor Trident base


Photo by Fumi Tosu

The Pacific Life Community returned to Washington state for its annual gathering, concluding with a blockade of the main gate into the Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor. The base is the Pacific homeport of the Trident nuclear ballistic missile submarine fleet.

A two-day program at a nearby retreat center built on the legacy of now-retired Raymond Hunthausen. As Archbishop of Seattle in 1984, he declared that “Trident is the Auschwitz of Puget Sound.” Hunthausen’s wages were garnished when he publicly refused to pay the war tax percentage in protest.

Snow and rain did not deter the demonstration at the Trident base gate on March 7. More than 40 people joined together for prayer, reading Hunthausen’s words before peacekeepers safely blocked the incoming traffic and several banners were stretched across the road.

“War is Immoral” read one, and another read, “Abolish Nuclear Weapons”.

Police soon moved in and arrested seven people who were blocking the road on the state side of the line.

Ticketed and released for “pedestrian leaving the curb” were Kelsey Chalmers, Susan Crane, Ed Ehmke, Allison McGillivray, Nick Mele, Mary Jane Parrine and Sam Yergler.


Photo by Clancy Dunigan

Six others who crossed over the marked property line onto the federal side read sections of the Nuremberg Principles out loud before being arrested by military police. Alexandria Addesso, Karan Founds-Benton, Fr. Steve Kelly, SJ, Betsy Lamb, Mary Mele and Charley Smith were charged with trespass and received ban and bar letters before being released.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to The Nuclear Resister for this report.


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2 Responses to Thirteen nuclear resisters arrested at Bangor Trident base

  1. haberjim says:

    Thanks for people who sent in reports to The Nuclear Resister and for posting it here.
    At the gathering, I referred to some resources that I wanted to share with people, so I will share them here, so presumably anyone can find them.
    I think many of us were not really feeling up to a movie Monday evening, but in the end, we were glad to have seen it, even if some of us also thought it would be better seeing the segments broken up, a couple at a time, rather than all at once. Still, it was very pertinent information and coverage of struggles that don’t get a lot of airplay in the United States even though the Pacific Life Community does concern ourselves showing solidarity to the liberation and anti-nuclear struggles featured in John Pilger’s forthcoming documentary, “The Coming War On China.”
    We talked a lot about Jeju Island. Last year when we were at Vandenberg Air Force Base, we also screened a film: Nuclear Savage by Adam Horowitz ( who was a Greenpeace activist aboard the Rainbow Warrior when it evacuated the people of Rongelap from their contaminated island after the United States lied to them and made them repopulate their contaminated island.

    I gave a short presentation about organizing about Palestine. I went with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence last July with 42 other activists focusing our “existence is resistance” solidarity work in the West Bank southeast of Jerusalem. In May, I am returning with CJNV and 150 others!
    I still recommend that people check out Jewish Voice for Peace ( for background on the struggle, and consistent, heartfelt, honest, unflinching analysis and calls to action. Still, I was amazed that the outstanding organization of CJNV and the quality of the partnerships that they have formed on the ground with Palestinian communities and also some Israeli activists and lawyers. Here is a link to a good 10 minute video about last July’s delegation for 972 Magazine (+972 is the Israel country code. +972Mag is a progressive, on-line Israeli, news source. (

    Village Versus Empire
    This film features the amazing performance artist Dohee Lee who is from Korea but who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She returns to Jeju Island and Gangjeong Village for the making of this film that has great footage of life there, history of the island and its people, snippets of performances by Dohee Lee and a sense of the fight against the navy base there.

    That’s all for now!

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