PLC 2017 to honor Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen

The Pacific Life Community (PLC) will hold its annual retreat March 5-7, 2017 at the Pilgrim Firs retreat facility in Port Orchard, WA [ website at ].

This year’s theme is “The Passion of Resistance” — encompassing both the joy and pain that comes from struggling against the status quo — and will feature a retrospective on the remarkable life work of Raymond G. Hunthausen, archbishop of Seattle from 1975-1981.  A principled peacemaker of profound integrity, Archbishop Hunthausen gained national attention when he became the first US bishop to urge tax resistance as a way to oppose the nuclear weapons buildup.  Archbishop Hunthausen participated in numerous nuclear resistance activities at the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action in the early eighties, sometimes turning up in ordinary clothing and identifying himself simply as “Ray.”

Raymond G. "Dutch" Hunthausen, GZ co-founder Jim Douglass; Hunthausen's sister Edna; GZ co-founder Shelley Douglass; and brother Jack Hunthausen in Helena, Montana, November 20160

Raymond G. “Dutch” Hunthausen, GZ co-founder Jim Douglass; Hunthausen’s sister Edna; GZ co-founder Shelley Douglass; and brother Jack Hunthausen in Helena, Montana, November 20160

Sisters Chauncey Boyle and Kathleen Pruitt, of the Seattle Archdiocese — both of whom were longtime associates of Archbishop Hunthausen — will co-deliver the keynote address on Archbishop Hunthausen’s remarkable contributions to his community and to a peaceful, nuclear-free world.  An interactive discussion will follow with the aim of helping activists and peacemakers draw important lessons from the life example set by Archbishop Hunthausen.

In preparation for the discussion PLC attendees are asked to read “A Still and Quiet Conscience:  The Archbishop who Challenged a Pope, a President, and a Church” by John A. McCoy, available either at libraries or for purchase online.  Archbishop Hunthausen, who currently lives at a retirement home in Helena, Montana, will not be able to join us, but there will be an opportunity to send him a message of greetings and gratitude.

An action and Mass/vigil is planned at the Bangor Naval Base – home to eight Trident nuclear submarines – during the retreat weekend.  Further details including a full agenda will be provided upon receipt of an RSVP (please send to both Sue Ablao at and Elizabeth Murray at

The per-person fee is $135, which includes 2 nights’ lodging at Pilgrim Firs and all meals starting with dinner on Sunday, March 5th, through breakfast on Tuesday, March 7th.  Checks should be made out to retreat co-organizer Sue Ablao and mailed to her at:  4040 Dyes Inlet NW  Bremerton, WA  98312.  Any further inquiries may be directed to Sue at or Elizabeth at



Pilgirm Firs is a 120-acre camp/conference center nestled amid old-growth pines with hiking trails, a lake, cozy cabins, and an in-house kitchen staff that accommodates vegetarians and omnivores alike.  Please check the website for more information:

Travel planning:  Please plan to arrive at Pilgrim Firs sometime between 2PM and 4PM on Sunday, March 5th (Dinner will be served at 6 PM that evening).  We are required to be checked out of the Pilgrim Firs facility by noon on Tuesday, March 7th.  For those planning on flying in to SeaTac, one option is to take the Kitsap-Bremerton airport shuttle to Port Orchard ($22 one-way; takes about an hour from the airport – no advance reservation needed).  The Port Orchard shuttle stop is only about a mile from the Pilgrim Firs facility.  We expect to have volunteer drivers for those needing a ride to & from the retreat facility.  More information on the shuttle service here:

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