Pacific Life Community 2015 Action Media Alert


March 2, 2015


Anti-nuclear activists plan a colorful demonstration today from 10 a.m. to noon against nuclear weapons work and other military hardware made by Lockheed Martin Corporation.The group is expected to number around 100 people including many who want to present a letter to workers and management and who may attempt to stop traffic from entering the Sunnyvale weapons plant if prevented from doing so. The event will begin at the 5 th and Mathilda light rail station and continue with a march to Lockheed Martin’s (LM) entrance at Java and Mathilda. The action will be punctuated by lively dance and large visuals.

The network known as the Pacific Life Community (PLC) usually focuses on LM’s manufacturing of nuclear weapons, especially the Trident D-5 nuclear missile, a first strike weapon, and the fact that Lockheed is the largest military contractor in the world and the largest single contractor with the United States Government.

Since last summer’s Israeli devastation of the Gaza Strip, the group has also been
educating themselves and the public about LM’s role in supplying Hellfire missiles,
Apache Longbow helicopter parts and F-16 jets to Israel, all of which have caused
immense civilian casualties and war crimes against the Palestinian people according to numerous international, and Israeli organizations including the United Nations and B’Tselem.

Today’s demonstration will be much larger than those held monthly by the south Bay Section of the Pacific Life Community, a network of spiritually motivated anti-nuclear activists from the western United States and the Pacific Rim because of the enlarged focus and because of the presence of out-of-town activists from sister  organizations who are here for the annual retreat. The PLC gathers yearly around March 1 to commemorate the people of Rongelap and the Japanese fishing boat The Lucky Dragon which were knowingly irradiated by nuclear fallout from the largest hydrogen bomb test ever conducted by the United States, the Bravo test which gave the Bikini its name, for the Marshall Island atoll destroyed by the test.

The PLC’s resolve to act against Lockheed is buoyed by the passing on Saturday of one of their most dedicated and inspirational members, Fr. William “Bix” Bischel, SJ of Tacoma, Washington.

For more information, contact Jim Haber at or 415-828-2506 and visit


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