Bix and Company in Jeju followup

from Bix on Nov. 6:

Dear Friends,
Blessings of peace as ten of us from the North West
journey to JeJu  Island in South Korea to join the resistance with the villagers to a naval base that will service U.S. vessels of war. This space swells the tide of endless war. We go to support our brothers and sisters and to draw strength from this  deep pool of Peace which their faithful resistance has bought about.
We need your prayers and appreciate your support.
On the journey of Peace,
Bix & His Companions

A Message about Bix in Jeju from Nov 13:

From JungJoo and the Jeju International Team

Our friends, Fr. Bix and a Buddhist monk Gilberto came to visit again
and brought their friends this time. They had awaited to visit
Gangjeong again since their last visit in the fall of 2013. Fr. Bix
couldn’t make it this September for the Catholic conference because of
his health issue. He has lost 60 % of his eyesight after the recent
surgery for glaucoma. He is in his mid 80’s and has difficulty in
walking and moving. But he is so excited and happy to be able to be
here with us. He keeps saying that he feels better here because he
receives good energy from beautiful Gangjeong people. He is truly a
living history of nonviolent resistance action. My deep gratitude to

“Living the Eucharist: resisting the destruction of Jeju Island” by Wash DC CW Art Laffin, NCR, Nov 12, 2014

And just received from Leonard Eiger on 11/22/14:

The Pacific Northwest Peace Delegation to Jeju Island, led by Fr. Bill Bichsel, returned to the U.S. just the other day after a 10-day whirlwind immersion with the people of Jeju (and their struggle against the strangling noose of militarism).
As we approach the 2015 Pacific Life Community Retreat – and it will be upon us sooner than many of us realize – I thought that one of the homilies given at the daily Mass at the Jeju Naval Base construction gate presents a grounding opportunity for us. You can read Elizabeth Murray’s homily at:
You can also read other earlier offerings from members of the Peace Delegation written during their stay on Jeju at
And PLEASE be sure to check for information on registering for the 2015 PLC Retreat (that begins February 27th).
Blessed are the Peacemakers,
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