September 26, 2014
12 noon -1 pm
Lockheed Martin

corner of Java and Mathilda, Sunnyvale, CA

Campaign Nonviolence is a movement to build a culture of peace and justice by educating about nonviolence and working to nonviolently end war, poverty, and to reverse climate change. From September 21-27th, people in more than 111 cities around the US will be gathering to take action in ways that show the connections between war, poverty and the climate crisis. John Dear, Pace e Bene, and a cadre of dedicated people have been holding workshops on nonviolence over the past year leading up to these days in September.

As we gather at Lockheed Martin, America’s largest military contractor, we are aware of the spectrum of violence that Lockheed stands for: nuclear missiles for the trident nuclear weapon system, hellfire missiles that are fired from drones, planes sold to Israel and used against the people of Gaza. Lockheed sends interrogators to places like Guantanamo prison and lobbyists to Washington to form foreign policy. As we protest and vigil, we stand for the original rainbow of diversity, hope and peace.

We will welcome Kathy Kelly, who will join us as she arrives back from travels to Afghanistan. Kathy works with Voices for Creative Nonviolence. We welcome Sherri Maurin, who will gather with us, directly back from the resistance in JeJu Island.
We welcome the Veterans for Peace and all the recidivists and fellow travellers who want to join us.

Please come, wear a blue scarf if you have one, or a blue shirt. The blue scarves are a symbol that there is one sky above all of us…a symbol that the Afghan youth developed in their yearning for peace.

For more information call the Catholic Worker in Redwood City: 650-366-4415

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