Catholic Worker Dennis Apel Heads to US Supreme Court


Dennis Apel leads a protest at Vandenberg.

Santa Maria, California, is home to Vandenberg Air Force Base and also the Catholic Workers at Guadalupe House.  One place launches ICBM tests toward the Marshall Islands, the other is full of gospel loving, simple living, pacifist Christians who serve the poorest of the poor in their community.

After 17 years of peaceful protesting at Vandenberg’s gates, the US Governement wants to prevent Dennis from access to the public stretch of Highway 1 that passes the base.

This article gives an excellent overview of his case.  Please read it and pray for them as they go before the court on December 4th.


Juliet Spohn Twomey smiling despite the advancing soldiers from VAFB about to arrest her and others gathered to say “NO” to nuclear weapons.


   A Gathering to Support Dennis Apel’s Right to Protest at Vandenberg was held on November 24, 2013

The Catholic Church of the Beatitudes, with the cooperation of Grace Lutheran Church (at 3869 State St.), arranged a special service of prayer and support for Dennis Apel and his family, who manage the Catholic Worker House in Guadalupe, CA. On November 24, 2013, they were within days of flying to Washington DC to be present at the hearing before the Supreme Court of their case against Vandenberg Air Force Base. The audio recordings below provide a telling view of the struggle to stop the insanity of ICBM launches from Vandenberg, specifically by picketing and protesting them at the gate of that military installation.


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