PLC 2013 Here We Come – Last Minute Details

Greetings Friends in Resistance,

The Pacific Life Community 2013 Faith & Resistance Retreat is just days away (two to be exact). People are still asking if they can still register to attend. The answer is a resounding YES!!! If you are still considering joining us on March 1st for a full weekend in resistance to nuclear weapons and war we welcome your participation.

Please contact Joe Power-Drutis (at right away if you will attend as he is coordinating lodging, meals and transportation (and more).

If you are already registered, here are a few things to know.

If you are getting to the retreat center on your own, you are welcome to arrive from 3:00 PM or after on Friday afternoon (March 1st). A map of the All Saints Camp, the full weekend schedule, and more is all at the Pacific Life Community Blog:

For those of you arriving by other means of transport, our Master of Logistics, Joe Power-Drutis has already contacted you to confirm all your details and leave nary a stone unturned. We will get you to the Retreat on time (assuming you arrive somewhere in the Puget Sound area, and not Poughkeepsie).

If you are wondering about the weather here around Puget Sound, join the club. It will be the usual – sunny, cloudy, rainy, cool to cold. It will be up in the 50s during the day and as low as 40 at night. The “official” forecast calls for “partly sunny” on Monday morning (but don’t quote me on that); just don’t leave your rain gear at home. Welcome to Washington.

Here are a couple other details on the retreat center:

  • There is cellular coverage at All Saints, although no wireless internet.  If you absolutely must get connected, you can drive less than a mile to the Rosedale Market and Deli, which has wireless.
  • There is electricity in the cabins.  For those with CPAP machines, you might want to bring an extension cord.

I know Joe is getting everyone set up with specific drivers and providing every one’s contact info. That being said, here are two additional numbers to keep handy in case you experience and problems during your trip here. You can call me at 425-445-2190 or George Rodkey at 253-961-5822.

See you later agitators,


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