Happy New Year! PLC 2013 in just 2 months!!!

Dear Friends,

The sun is shining brilliantly here in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State as we enter the New Year.  I see a year of hope manifest in a vibrant community steeped in nonviolence and deeply committed to a nonviolent world free of the scourge of nuclear weapons.

As hosts for the Pacific Life Community 2013 Faith & Resistance Retreat we are gearing up to welcome everyone to Puget Sound (Where the Nukes Are!!!) for a meaningful weekend of fellowship, sharing, rejuvenation and ACTION!

This year’s retreat runs from Friday, March 1st to Monday, March 4th.

You are welcome to arrive any time on Friday.  There will be dinner on Friday evening at the retreat center.  Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action will host a vigil and nonviolent direct action at the Bangor base early Monday morning.  We will finish and leave Ground Zero by 10:00AM and return to the retreat center so everyone can prepare to head out.  It would be safe to plan flights for early afternoon.  The train schedule is a bit more problematic.

I will get the full weekend schedule posted shortly.

Cick here to download the registration form that you can print, fill out and return to help us prepare to accomodate everyone.  We’re asking everyone to get your registrations in by February 1st to give us enough time to plan accomodations, food and more.

If you have any general questions, feel free to contact either me at subversivepeacemaking@gmail.com or George Rodkey at georod01@msn.com.

Here’s to a New Year of continued resistance.

In Peace,



Link to PLC 2013 Retreat Registration Form: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BzRG1crlv8YMMzZpcU9BYmtZT2c

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