Vandenberg… Occupied! Jeju Island…Occupied!

At this year’s 2012 Pacific Life Community Retreat, we were fortunate to meet Chalon, a Catholic Priest from Jeju Island in S. Korea.  Their people have been struggling for 7 years to resist US efforts to build a base on the island.  Five days a week, all day, people on the island organize and pray and protest to save their fragile ecosystem and culture as the US pressures S. Korea to let them build a massive port for Aegis Destroyers.  Also see Democracy Now, Save Jeju Island.

Dennis Apel made a short and lovely video about his trip here.

Our action at Vandenberg brought about 50 people to witness against the preparations for a nuclear first strike as well as the sustained, immoral  and hostile act of holding the threat of nuclear war over the head of every person on the planet.

See photos here.

Next year…we are going to Ground Zero in the Northwest!  Thank you to all you Tacomans and Bangorese who will be hosting us!  Let’s set the date soon so we all have it on our calendar…  Peace!

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