CMR Blockade Included Corpse of “Reference Man”

Vigil At Main Entrance on 27 April

While the funeral processed, others held the space at the free-speech zone.

Encouraged by the PLC prayer-action at the CMR building 7 weeks ago, local nuclear abolitionists gathered again for a demonstration at the CMR building to commemorate the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster and the anniversaries of the Aztec, Black, Bulkhead and Effendi nuclear bomb test explosions.

Image courtesy of Reference Child

While the dead Reference Man waits, security personnel discuss whether or not to arrest the angelic troublemakers.

Here’s more info on the blockade of the CMR building that lasted a whole 2 minutes! (Scientific experts say it would have lasted twice as long if the funeral folks would have been willing to STAY standing in the way despite the threat of arrest.) When the mourners were notified that the police were “on the way”, they decided to leave the scene, with the blessing of the security personnel who were glad to be rid of the corpse and the UN-permitted demonstration. Mourners then joined the other folks vigilling in a different, more normative demonstration location.

See the news:


Reference Man gets ready to be sacrificed to the gods of nuclearism.

The night before his funeral, Reference Man remembers the call for nuclear abolition which could save humanity.

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