– Anabel Dwyer, Esq

Pacific Life Community – Northwest Region is pleased to announce the participation of Anabel Dwyer, Esq in our 2009 PLC Annual Retreat, Friday February 27 – Sunday March 1, 2009.  Anabel will also be one of the presenters in Seattle on Thursday evening, February 26 at the public forum entitled, “Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific: An International Law Perspective.”

adwyergrotius-smAnabel Dwyer is a Michigan attorney and Board Member of The Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy (LCNP), the US branch of the International Association of Lawyers’ Against Nuclear Weapons (IALANA).

She has studied, lectured, taught and written widely on public international law in particular human rights and humanitarian law (the laws of war) and nuclear weapons.

Dwyer has acted as a defense attorney in four Plowshares Cases; 1998 Gods of Metal; 1999 Plowshares vs Depleted Uranium; 2000 Silence Trident Plowshares and 2002-2006 Sacred Earth and Space Plowshares II

She is principal author of the 1991 Michigan Nuremberg Campaign Citizens Petition and Brief based on extensive research and study at The Hague Academy of International Law and the Peace Palace Library.

Dwyer was a member of the IALANA Legal Team for the World Court Project during the 1995 International Court of Justice (ICJ) Oral Hearings on Legality of Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons.  (The World Court concluded that nuclear weapons were illegal under international law.)

She has conducted law school seminars, delivered and published numerous papers on US civil resistance to nuclear weapons and on the International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion – Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons (ICJ Reports, 8 July, 1996).

adwyer2Venues for her presentations have included Court TV; the 1997 and 2001 Japan Congresses Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs; Waseda University; the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference; NGO Conferences at the United Nations; Falslane 365, Scotland; the University of Costa Rica; and numerous conferences and Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day Commemorations throughout the U.S.

She was on the drafting committee for the Model Convention for the Elimination and Destruction of Nuclear Weapons

homelandcoverDwyer is co-editor of This is My Homeland: Stories of the effects of nuclear industries by people of the Serpent River First Nation and the north shore of Lake Huron (2003).

You can listen to a 26 minute speech given by Anabel Dwyer entitled “Defending US Nuclear Resisters,” delivered at the Freedom From Nuclear Weapons Through Accountability and Good Faith Conference held July 6 & 7, 2006 at the European Parliament in Brussels.  (If you use the link at the beginning of this paragraph, after clicking, scroll UP to see description of the speech. You may also use the shorcut mini-player just below this paragraph.)  This conference marked the 10th anniversary of the ICJ Advisory Opinion on the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons.
Please help us welcome Anabel Dwyer to the Pacific Northwest by sharing this flyer about the February 26th, 2009 forum in Seattle with others. We also hope you will attend the Pacific Life Community 2009 Annual Retreat in Lacey, WA February 27 – March 1.


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