Letters Of Intent

excerpt of News Advisory for three years from now:

On Sunday February 28th, the 56th anniversary of the “Lucky Dragon” disaster, several dozen concerned citizens from the West Coast and New Mexico will gather for a nonviolent demonstration of peace at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) at 12:00noon. (The Lucky Dragon was the Japanese fishing boat whose crew and cargo were contaminated by Los Alamos Laboratory’s nuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean in 1954.) For this year’s commemoration, prayer-activists will converge for a vigil at the SouthEast corner of West Jemez and Diamond Drive, on territory controlled by LANL from 12:00noon until 1:00pm.

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1 Response to Letters Of Intent

  1. Chris says:

    hey I’m xposting this to the Christian Radical Blog, thanks for updating this website, I’ll see you all at the retreat.

    Chris Rooney
    Vancouver CW

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